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After your grandmother’s
wedding ring
slides off your finger
and down the kitchen drain.

After your sister finally
unlocks her mouth. Tells you
what happened the night
you didn’t pick up the phone.

After that party
your freshman year of college
when you drank all the vodka
and then threw yourself at that boy
who was so not into you.

After the picture frames,
the wine glass,
and your vows
lay broken on the floor.

After you drop out of college.

After your mother tells you
not to come home anymore.

After you accept that your father
and the man you love
have the same brown sugar eyes.

After it has been two years,
and you’re still not sure
you love him.

After it has been four years,
and you’re still not sure
you love him.

After you pull your under wear
from the dark curves
of a stranger’s sheets
and leave
without saying good-bye.

After you, sobbing,
confess what you have done
and he does not forgive you.

There is shame.
There is fear.
And there is this dizzying

-“The Brief Two Second After You Ruin Everything” by Clementine von Radics, from her book Home. (via alittlecalamity)

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do u ever just feel like ur slowly being pushed out of the group.

u know its happening

u can feel it happening

but u cant do anything

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